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SanApptX is a cloud solutions provider in Dallas. Our storage provides low-cost high availability solutions designed for situations ranging from backups and long term storage, to high performance realtime applications. Using commodity hardware and revolutionary software, we are able to allow lower cost storage that offers scalability, reliability, and performance.

With a broad product and services portfolio, SanApptX offers unparalleled strengths as an IT solution partner. Let SanApptX collaborate with you to architect a storage solution that can scale seamlessly, adapt to cutting-edge hardware and software capabilities, all while helping to reduce capital and operating expenses

SanApptX Storage leverages state-of-the-art technologies to help you maximize efficiency while slashing storage costs by:

***Converging server, storage, and networking

***Providing performance-optimized workload solutions for your mission critical applications like big data analysis

***Offering price and performance-optimized solutions for server and desktop virtualized environments and traditional IT workloads where price matches performance.

***Delivering cost optimized solutions for cold data and image archiving with a cost-efficient price/TB and dense enclosure options
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