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INTELITECHS manages all aspects of IT, so you can refocus on your business.
Since our foundation in 2011, the primary focus of INTELITECHS has been to change the IT experience of our customers.

IT departments are often slow to respond, disrespectful, and only do what they think is best. After working in IT departments like these, we vowed to change the experience of our customers.

Your IT department should be the people you go to for help, where you don’t feel belittled, and things get done.

This is our goal: to be your geek-speak-translator and to use IT to drive your business forward.
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Address: 291 W 5400 S, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84107, United States
Suite 102 291 W 5400 S,
Salt Lake City, , Utah, 84107,
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